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[wip] Tesseh - The former second division Leuitnant

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[wip] Tesseh - The former second division Leuitnant Empty [wip] Tesseh - The former second division Leuitnant

Post by Tesseh Yaribachi on Fri May 06, 2016 7:26 pm

There are different shades of blood~

   Name: Tesseh Yaribachi, nicknamed Tes by friend and foe alike
   Date of Birth: 12th January
   Year of Birth: 1560 AD

   Date of Death: 6th June
   Year of Death: 1587 AD

   Age: 456 years
   Age of Appearance: While having died in a lot later age, Tesseh looks like 14 at best, even though the length of her hair might say otherwise or make one think a bit differentöy
   Gender: Clearly female, Tes tried to play a boy or male a lot of times during her duty as konoichi when alive.
   Organization & Rank: Former 2nd seat of the 2nd Division, Tesseh now is a more independend part of the latter, drawn back from most duties and almost unreachable for the better part of her time. She avoids attention, as such not in any ranks at all but rather simply a "non name shinigami", only still known to a few persons, who were there when she was in her ranks.

   Appearance: Long, light, no, neon blue hair, that goes almost down to her ankles, crimson-blood-red irises and almost ashen-white skin. This would probably be the easiest way to summarize the seemingly cute shinigami, when standing in front of her with only one glance to take. The 5 feet tall girl is everything but a giant, her cute appeareance and seemingly rather fragile body though more a facade than anything for the more than skilled assassin. While usually wearing the usually robe of the Shinigami, the Shihakusho, Tes - in the mortal world - prefers a more revealing way of clothing, usually wearing not much more than a pair of hotpants and a simple bralike top, both moreless hold together with a belt each. In both forms, her right arm is covered with tattoo's formed like clouds, her other arm bare of said, but her lower arm instead covered in a glove, that covers over half her arm to the point of almost reaching her shoulder, ending halfway through between elbow and shoulder. Her body - while looking slender - is definitly nothing to be taken lightly, as a closer touch certainly makes one feel the muscles that cover her body while not making it look like anything athletic.

Want to give my soul a closer look? How rude~
   Positive Traits
    "So, I COULD do what you ask of me, but I think that it is... the worst decision I could do~" Not following orders - while usually a bad thing - for Tesseh usually ends in a lot of trouble. And positive situations. Being creative as she is, she usually manages to get out of most situations in an adventegous way, that helps not only her but usually also those around her.
    "Why should I kill, when I can also do otherwise?" Tesseh - generally - avoids fighting. She allways has so and allways will do so in the future. Even so, if she DOES fight, she mostly relies on her ability to evade enemies attacks and counterattack. She aims for immobilizing and hurting the enemy rather than going for killing them. She also often ends up in a strange kind of rival relationship or similar whem fighting others. This however does not count for ordinary Hollow.
    "I can find a way!" Even though it seems useless to fight or try something, Tes is a master in finding her ways out of trouble and uses that as a kind of talent when fighting and resolving problems with friends and so on.
    "You think I am afraid?" Tesseh is more than aware of her own powers and is not afraid to show exactly that. She will not back off if her friends are in danger and will fight enemies that seem to be stronger than her even if it is just to keep some time.
    You can add more if you'd like.

   Negative Traits
   X "Want my respect? Gotta earn it, baka~"
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X You can add more if you'd like.


   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?
   X ...?

   / Optional.
   / Optional.
   / Optional.

   / Optional.
   / Optional.
   / Optional.

   Miscellaneous Traits
   ?? Optional.

Like a breeze in the wind~

   Zanpakutō Name: Beniyashâ
   Zanpakutō Translation: Beni = crimson/bloodred / Yashâ = demon

   Sealed Zanpakutō: While usually, a Zanpakutou is sealed as a sword, Tes' sealed weapon is formed like a Hiraishin Kunai. The handle is hold in a golden color, twisted to have its grip strengthened when hold in backhand, which usually is the case. The blade itself is parted in three different ways like a tree branch, each of them sharpend to cut through most materials, especially flesh and bones.
   Release Phrase: Your release phrase?

   Shikai Appearance: Shikai appearance?
   Shikai Ability: Ability?

   only use if applying for Lieutenant rank or higher.
   Bankai Name: Self explanatory.
   Bankai Appearance: Self explanatory.
   Bankai Ability: Self explanatory.

   S P I R I T

   Spirit Appearance: What's your spirit's visage?
   Spirit Personality: Be as vague or as detailed as you like, so long as all necessities are covered.
   Inner World: What does your Inner World look like?

   P A S T
   History: Be sure to cover every base. Make mention of every necessary bit of information that is mentioned anywhere else in your application.

   RolePlaying Sample: Optional. If you're going for a high position, such as Lieutenant or Captain (Fraccion or Espada, as well) this is absolutely necessary. If you decide to use this section, it must be of the character you're applying for.

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