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Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

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Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

Post by Taiyo Pekku on Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:12 pm


Name: Taiyo Pekku
—english translation: Taiyo means Sun in japanese.
Date of Birth:  April 1st.
Year of Birth: 931 AD

Age: 1036
Age of Appearance: 26
Gender: Female
Organization & Rank: Gotei 13, Captain of Squad 2.


Hair Captain Pekku's hair is probably the most simple feature on Taiyo for someone who tends to like to be outgoing and unique. She just has a your normal brown hair color, it has the bed head style going for it and doesn't tend to stray away from this style very often unless she decides that she wants to change things up a bit and maybe gel it back or fix it up, but these occasions are rare for the pretty lazy monkey who prefers to just be all over the place with her style and not have to care about it at all. She will always have a golden band upon her head, no matter the hair style, this golden band helps to style her hair and is a favorited accessory of her's.

Face Taiyo's face is, fairly beautiful, for such a tomboyish girl with a rough and tough attitude that acts more like a boy than a girl, her face still holds the beauty of a woman. No matter how dirty she gets or how beat up her face gets, whenever she smiles it seems like all the bruises and dirt vanish and that smile is the only thing in the world. Her eyes have a very stern and determined look in them, a firey passion burning deep within the boundless globes, looking into them may cause the person looking to get lost in the golden eyes.

Body Taiyo's body is quite unimpressive, she has nothing to amazing about it, she has a fairly slim body with long legs and arms. Her shoulders are are slopped down but she tries to make them appear as broad as she can, wanting to seem strong and intimidating. She has fairly tanned skin from her spending most of her living life out in the sun for days upon days, swimming, swinging and just playing with the other 'children'. She has fairly small breasts, their size ranging around a B Cup, maybe an C Cup, fairly hard to tell because she keeps her breasts tucked close to her chest by a bandage followed up by a belt.

Clothes Taiyo doesn't really wear her captain uniform, well she does wear it, just not like most captains do, she prefers the clothing she made for herself out in the world. She usually wears the white haori around her waste instead of on her torso, not only does this feels better to her than just wearing it, but she also things it makes her look good. She does occasionally get criticism for not wearing the full uniform, while sometimes she ignores said words, she will put on the full uniform if forced or told by the Captain-commander. Other than that she prefers her regular clothes, she enjoy being able to move around so freely and not to have her tail covered up. Her normal attire consist of a middle section of clothing that wraps around her chest and her waist, it reminds most people of a bathing suit and that is technically what it is. On her upper torso she wears a fairly small fur hoodie, she normally has this hood up most of the time to cover up her mess of hair, especially when it's having an extremely bad morning. Her lower body isn't hardly covered up, you can't even call what she is wearing pants, they are morel like leg sleeves, they are quite large and do cover up most of her lower legs but her thighs are not covered up in the slightest. As for her shoes they are your standard boots, just a bit larger and more suited to her. Even though these boots are custom designed for her, she prefer going barefoot because it's much more natural for her and she can't ever get used to wearing something over her feet.

Accessories Upon Taiyo's head is a band that Taiyo refuses to take off, she claims it as a part of herself and she hates taking it off, she only ever takes it off to take baths so that it doesn't get soaked under the water. I don't know if the a tail counts as an accessory, but Taiyo has a long monkey tail that is almsot the same size as her braid, only slightly smaller, it is grey at the base of the tail and as it moves up it slowly gets darker until it is a dark black color. Taiyo also wears a collar that is of the same design of her headband, it is yellow, has a flame/cloud shaped object on the front and hardly gets taken off of her. Other accessories on her include a belt that wraps around her chest that pushes on her chest, making so that they don't get in her way and aren't that bothersome to her, she also wears earrings that consist of no special design, usually just black or gold.

Language Captain Pekku's language is actually pretty well done, she knows about thirty different languages and is learning more. She may have been raised by monkey's but she took into leanrign the human language fairly quickly once she was brought into the soul society, her voice is fairly high pitched and soft spoken rather than the voice of a woman. She speaks fairly faced past and hyper active, making her words hard to understand, she throws words at people then expects them to understand.

Monkey form The image below is a good example of what she looks like, but her entire body is actually grey except for her face which is covered in white fur, the tip of her tail is black. This form is about the size of a house cat if not a bit smaller, she likes to change into this form to spy on people or just to roam around as a monkey, enjoying her time as a new species. The monkey form keeps the same color of her mismatched eyes, just a bit dimmer and less noticeable.

Positive Traits
Taiyo can always take a joke, it is not uncommon for her to shrug off an joke or roast directed towards her from someone else. It's not the fact that Taiyo doesn't care, but this means she can prank them without caution because they decided it was a smart idea to roast a captain. Other than that, if someone makes a joke, even a bad one, she will laugh at it and will usually make a nice joke as well or a bad joke, depending on her mood.

Taiyo is always happy with herself and the world around her and she tries her best to share this happiness with other people. She will do what ever she can to make people she likes happy, she is a great person to be around when you need some cheering up and she is known among some Captains as the therapist among the captains just for the fact that she always finds the people feeling down and does her best to make them happy. She is very gentle to those who are feeling bad and will usually hold back on her jokes unless it is needed for the situation.

Taiyo is extremely laid back when it comes to punishment, if you are to do something wrong while under her watch she will often either let you off or she will just force you to do something like become her foot stool for a day or maybe clean her house, maybe build a swing for her if she wishes. This laid back attitude towards punishment also is how she is towards everything really, she doesn't take much serious which can be seen as a negative trait though sometimes a group of leaders needs one person that is calm headed all the time to even things out.

Taiyo loves to explore new things, she loves learning about other people and her culture and if you join Squad Nine she will most likely grab you individually and spend an entire day with you just to learn more about you and who you are as a person, your dream and hopes for life. She also enjoys exploring things as in wandering off into caves to see what treasure she can find, if you happen to be with her when she see's something interesting she will most likely drag you with her to examine the interesting thingy-mabob.

Taiyo is an extremely nice person to those who have earned her kindness as well as those who she thinks need kindness, she is known to try and befriend everyone she can possibly befriend, from Human to those people from the downward place(As she calls them.) If you interest her then she will try her best to find a way to befriend you and have an nice chat, if she decides you are not one to befriend she shall then beat you to death or just skip off.

Negative Traits
X Taiyo has issue with people of higher class, not because she is jealous of them but because of past experiences she has had with people of royalty and higher class. Whenever she is around someone of higher class she will either make rude remarks towards them or just ignore them, but she will never do anything too hateful, she is too nice. She isn't hateful of people of royal blood or just noble people, she is scared of them, fear of their power...not strength but their power to command others and control people who don't wish to be controlled.

X Taiyo is a prankster and sometimes her pranks can go too far, she doesn't really know what too far is but she has gone so far as too hanging people from their underpants from flag poles or tripping someone into a pool of sewage, she finds todays pranks stupid, she prefers the classical banana peel trip into a pool of glue and feathers.

X Captain Pekku has no clue what personal space is, she is known to get fairly close to someone while speaking to them, she often makes a lot of peoploe uncomfortable and it's not just being close too. She gropes them, she hugs them, plays with their hair, maybe give them a nice pony tail, check for lice, crawl into their shirt (as a monkey) and just be a bother. She hardly realizes this because she was raised by monkey's, personal space doesn't exist with her species and she has yet to realize that humans do have personal space.

X  Taiyo is extremely lazy and hardly takes anything serious and when she says she is serious she is pretty much just lying to your face, she has not been serious for her entire unlife, nothing she does has ever been taken serious, she usually does what she wants with the amount of effort she wants and usually it works.

X Taiyo has a bad habit of stealing things that seem shiny or nice, she loves things that shine and sparkle and she will often decorate her room with shiny things she has found. From silver spoons to diamond rings, her room is filled with these objects, she never plans on selling them she just likes the way they twinkle!


Pranks- Taiyo loves playing pranks on people she likes or doesn't like, it's sort of her way of showing her love, again her pranks can sometimes go too far and she will apologize but she just loves to prank people it's what makes her feel like a kid again.

Eating food- Taiyo's favorite hobby other than pranking people has to be making food and eating said food or just eating food whenever she gets the opportunity to eat! She prefers it when people make her food and if food is offered to her she will dive at the opportunity.

Sleeping- Taiyo enjoys taking naps whenever she can, if there is an excuse for napping she will make it just so she can close her eyes for a bit. Sometimes she doesn't even mean to fall asleep but she will, if she is fighting you and you bore her she will pass out on you.

Playing- When she is not sleeping, eating or pranking...Taiyo is busy playing with kids or anyone who wishes to play. She has a nature that makes kids just attract to her likes moths to a light, they just enjoy playing with the fluffy monkey.

Making others happy- Taiyo loves it when she successfully makes someone happy, whenever she has done this she will often rewards herself with some food and a nap. But, just the fact that she has made someone happy makes her feel like the greatest person in the world, making people happy makes her happy which all around makes the world happy.

Sleeping with people- NOT IN THE SEXUAL WAY! You dirty dirty people! She enjoys laying with people and cuddling into them then just passing out next to someone, the warmth and happiness she feels when someone is laying with her is enough to last her for days.

Climbing- Taiyo usually starts off every day with a nice climb on a tall tree, maybe she will climb around on buildings, hop on roofs, swing from a pole by her tail, climb onto someone, ya know...normal stuff.

Dancing to modern music- Something about modern music makes her feel so active and energize, she loves moving around to it and jumping about, twirling, shaking what her momma gave her and just having fun.

Hugs- Hugs are so amazing, they make you feel so safe and so secure! Who wouldn't love hugs? Taiyo sure does love hugs, they make her feel like the world is loving her and she will happily love the world back as well as the person hugging her.

Chewing ass and kicking bubble gum- Taiyo does enjoy fighting, it's basically just another form of playing to her though, whenever she fights it's like she is just playing with her opponent.


XNoble people or people of noble blood- Let's just say that Pekku has had some bad expereinces with  Noble people and she doesn't trust anyone of Noble blood and has a really hard time following people who are of noble blood.

XCoffee- Taiyo doesn't like Coffee because it gives her a lot of energy but makes her crash fairly quickly, it also doesn't taste that good to her unless she has dumped 20 packs of sugar into it.

XPeople who don't laugh- Why would someone avoid laughing? It kinda makes her worried for the person, laughter is a sign of still having a heart and soul. If you don't truly laugh then she will call you a hollow even if you aren't she will label you as a hollow.

XPeople who steal what she has stolen- That's just mean, she worked hard to steal these valuable items and you're just going to come into her home and steal her stuff? That's so rude, who would so such a thing like that?

XCircus- It reminds her too much of her past life and disturbs her to even be near a circus, she doesn't think of circus as circus but instead as a way to show off people who others will consider as freaks.

XHer tail being pulled- She doesn't mind this as much as she minds the other stuff but it still sorta annoys her when her tail is pulled for no other reason other than for the person to annoy her or be mean. If it's because they are a child or just interested she doesn't mind, but the second it is done to be mean, she will get pissed.

XPeople making fun of her monkey features or life- She doesn't like it when people poke fun at her monkey like features, she understands that it's good joke material but to use the same thing over and over again is just sorta stale and boring in her eyes.

XFixing her hair- For some reason Pekku hates fixing her own hair, it's very bothersome to her to have to fix her own hair when it looks fine just the way it is....that is all.

XShoes- Shoes are extremely uncomfortable to her, while she wil wear them occasionally she really prefers to just let her feet free. She also feels much lighter and faster when she doesn't have to worry about boots getting in the way, but she does know it is more appropriate so she will wear them if need be.

XBeing hated-Taiyo does not like it one bit when she is hated by someone else, to have someone hate her sorta hurts her because she works so hard to make people like her only to have someone despise her or just not like her at all. She understands the concept of hate, she has felt it before, but she never tries to gain someone elses hate.


/ Petting and stroking her tail when nervous. Taiyo usually pets or strokes her tail when she is nervous and it is an easy way to tell that she is nervous. She can't stop herself from doing it either, it's just a natural reaction, she sometimes doesn't even know she is nervous until she realizes her hands are on her tail.

/ Pranking and joking. Taiyo pranks and jokes around with people even if she doesn't mean to, she can't help but make a joke out of everything if she can. It's rare when Taiyo isn't making a joke, though not uncommon, she is slowly running out of material.

/ Using people as foot stools. People are so comfortable! She loves using other people as feet stools because they are so fleshy and noice. If they decide to give her a foot massage then that is also a nice plus, she just likes anything that makes her feet feel nice since she is usually walking barefoot all the time.


/ Find a mate!- Hey, sometimes even a monkey can get lonely at times, Captain Pekku has made it her goal to find a mate, if she likes you she will straight up ask you "Would you like to be my mate?" if you say no she will proceed to ask until you tell her off and even then she will keep on, some captains have had to deal with this is hope you don't.

/ Steal the Declaration of independence.- This is not really a big goal for Taiyo but she thinks it would be funny if she stole the Declaration Of Independence and then hung it in her room like a trophy.

/ Befriend everyone!- Taiyo wants to make everyone in the world her friend, it's a big goal but she really wants to complete this goal and have all the friends in the world! She likes to imagine that everyone in the world is already her friend, but she has to confirm that they all like her, even the nobles.

Miscellaneous Traits


Zanpakutō Name: Monkiporu

Zanpakutō Translation: Monkey Pole

Sealed Zanpakutō: Taiyo's zanpakuto's sealed form was a simple katana, there was nothing really special about it, it had the normal black hilt with the guard on it, the blade was shiny and sharp, there was a ribbon on the hilt and it was fairly larger than other people's Zanpakuto, but that is all that was special about it.

Release Phrase: "Trick their minds, Monkiporu!"

Shikai Appearance: Taiyo's Shikai is constant release, when she first activated her Shikai it wouldn't change back to it's Zanpakuto form so she was forced to carry around the full size Shikai on her back until she learned how to shrink it down to be placed behind her ear. Taiyo's Shikai takes the appearance of a bo staff, it has a fairly simple design compared to some of the other Shikai, it is black on the base of the bo staff and on each side of the black there is a bright scarlet red before it finally ends off with a golden color. The heads on the image above are not on her actual Shikai, in place of the heads the staff gets a bit thicker, the entire staff is extremely sturdy even for a Shikai, it is even heavier that most other Shikai weighing at 2,423 Tonnes or 5,342,000 lbs, when she hits you with a direct hit with her shikai it is basically like she i hitting you with a skyscraper. In order to not cause too much damage to Shinigami she is sparring against she will normally tone down the weight to that of a normal bo staff, though maybe a bit heavier so the blow still hurts like a motherfucker.

Shikai Ability: When you first see what Taiyo's Shikai's ability is you would think that it can just simply grow in size or shrink down whenever she wants it to, which in itself is a nice ability to do, but that is not the Shikai's actual ability, it's actual ability is the power of illusion, the full extent of the illusion weapons full capability is unknown to most, the only thing most know is that the Shikai can make illusions that can be physically touched and can physically touch you. There are few illusions that people have actually seen from this weapon including a cloud that Taiyo is riding upon constantly, it also has the capability of turning Taiyo completely invisible to the naked eye as well as changing her appearance and voice, she can even make the staff change into a clone of her than can walk and talk like her.

only use if applying for Lieutenant rank or higher.
Bankai Name: Gōruden monkīpōru

Bankai Appearance: When Taiyo activates her Bankai nothing seems to change at first, then suddenly from the sky 72 stones begin to fall from the sky and crash into the ground like comets, then once every stone lands a clone of Taiyo pops out of the stones, each clone has the full capabilities of her only died down a bit, they each are fast, strong and can physically cause harm to you if you are to let them land strikes upon you.  Each clone shines golden and you would think that would help you pick out Taiyo out of all the clones but she also begins to glow with the same golden intensity as the clones. All the stones that fell from the sky stay in place and become practically indestructible.

Bankai Ability: Taiyo can switch places with each of the 72 clones, meaning a clone that was originally half of Taiyo's power will suddenly get a power spike before you know it, it's also an effective evasive move. Every single clone can explode on command and every time 2 clones are destroyed 1 stone falls from the sky, meaning it is almost an endless amount of clones, though all the clones can be killed, effectively stopping her bankai.

Spirit Appearance: The appearance of the spirit that is inside her Zanpakuto takes the form of a golden monkey covered in armor and chains. It's face always has a savage scowl on it or just an angry look, it has multiple scars among it's body and it's tail is missing and instead where the tail should be there is just a stub of what used to be. It's eyes are a bruning yellow, brighter than the sun itself, it's fur is tangled up and covered in what seems to be permanent blood stains.

Spirit Personality: Monkiporu is a fairly mean spirit, he is cold and rude towards Taiyo, in no way does he hate Taiyo, he just feels that she needs to learn that not everyone will like her. Occasionally he will speak to the silly monkey, but he usually only says a few things to her, sometimes he says more than just a few things but that is only if those things are important. Even though Monki acts cold towards Taiyo their bond is stronger than most bonds, they care for eachother like brother and sister. He is very violent, whenever they spar he never holds back or goes easy, often fighting Taiyo with extreme brutality, when she first fought him she was utterly destroyed by him. There is much more complexity to Monkiporu but as of now Taiyo can't say much else about this violent monkey she calls her friend.

Inner World: Taiyo's inner world is a huge expanse of clouds that are in constant motion, you must hop from cloud to cloud to travel where you want to go, each cloud works like fluffy ground, soft but easy to walk on. The clouds themselves make a path towards where Monkiporu can be found, in order to get to Monki you most first travese the clouds to his home. At the end of the cloud path there is a massive temple, it looks worn and broken with multiple scars from what looks like a battle, including arrows in the build, chunks of the temple missing and the door blown apart. Once entering the temple you will find that the entire inside of the building is nothing like the outside, as if no one could get into the inside, the inside is perfectly intact, there are beautiful vases and paintings all around the inside and usually sitting in the center of the temple is Monkiporu, if he is not there then he usually is on the flat roof or swinging around on the ropes that were obviously built into the ceiling. All around the room there are lotus flowers floating around with candles upon them, the lotus are seen floating around the temple and inside of it but they never leave the boundary of the temple, stuck there forever.

Disclaimer: Everything in The Past section of this app, isn't to be fully believed, especially the birth and living life of Taiyo, most of that is made up for she doesn't truly remember everything that happened to her.


Born into the life of a monkey.

Taiyo was born alone, when Taiyo was born she was abandoned by her parents who were on the run from a band of merc's who they owed money to. With hope that their legacy would live on they left their newborn child alone in a shack hoping for the owners to come back and find the child. Well the owners did come back but it wasn't humans, the humans that owned the shack had long sense been driven out of it by a bunch of wild monkeys who had been scavenging for food. Some of the monkey's had returned to see if there were any other valuable items but instead they found a human child. Some of the monkey's thought about eating the child, it would be a quick source of food and it was kind of annoying the way it was crying and whining all the time. But, lucky for Taiyo the leader of the bunch of monkey's decided to instead take the child in as it's own and this monkey would care for the child and teach her how to live as they did.

The Monkey's had a major problem with taking care of the human child, first of it almost always fell out of the tree and they had to have monkey's positioned to catch the child everytime it got interested at what was over the edge. The monkey's had quite the problems as they raised the girl, first off she wasn't as natural of a climber as regular children so they had to spend more time teaching her, secondly she didn't have fur so the cold weather affected her more than the other monkey's so they had to have other monkey's surround her like a coat during the night. At the age of four she was already eating more than any of the other monkey's combined so they had to do more village raids but the leader of the monkey's knew that in the end she would be a useful assist to helping keep the bunch alive.

When Taiyo was six she was taught the language of her family, she learned to speak in grunts, squeals and howls like the other monkey's and that became her first natural language, she slowly was taught how to speak like her family fluently and soon enough they began to teach her the language of nature, she learned how to understand other species that lived in the jungle and soon enough she could understand all of the animals. Her life was happy in the jungle, she grew into a very happy and active girl, she swung around, jumped from tree and tree, ate the fruits her family ate and played the games her family played. The monkey's protected her better than any other family could their own children, they taught her how to defend herself and to show her dominance when in trouble. But, they also taught her how to have fun, they taught her that life can be happy if you make it happy, just spank your butt at things that trouble you and dance.

From the life of a happy monkey to the life of a miserable slave.

Taiyo was now eight years old, she had become accustomed to the life of the jungle and was having some of the best times of her life with the family that she loved so dearly, she was now repaying her family for all they gave her, she was hunting down food that was more than enough to last them, she was finding more fruits than the monkey's could ever imagine and she was finding new ways for the bunch to live. She had so many adventures, more than the normal eight year old, she had gotten into a fight with a tiger in the jungle, not a physical fight but a conversation about whether it was right to eat humans or not, she considered it awful but the tiger thought they tasted nice so she had to tell the tiger why it was awful. She had also managed to befriend a snake that was called Alkaba, the snake was first planning on eating her but it got trapped under a tree while chasing her, so Taiyo spent the rest of her day with the snake, feeding it other stuff and listening to what the snake had to say, she couldn't speak snake but she understood what it was saying. Soon enough Taiyo freed the snake and it slithered off elsewhere with the promise of not eating her if she didn't bother it, so the deal was made.

One day while she was planning on going on another adventure she heard the sound of a new language she had never heard of before. Out of interest she had traveled to the sound to find what looked like people clad in the spoons she usually found in the big houses thatv were far away from the smaller ones. They were leading people who were tied up by vines(rope) somewhere and of course out of interest she followed, little did she know there was a guard on duty watching the slave train. Before she knew it she was knocked unconscious and tied up to the war slave train, they thought she was the daughter of one of the slaves who was seeing if her parents were still alive. They didn't bother to make sure they just dragged her along, she was terrified and showed her fear when she awoke, she began howling and crying like she was an animal and she technically was! She was crying out for her family but she was already too far away to be heard by her family, soon enough she was brought to the village of the warriors, since she was the most interesting of the slaves they brought her to the leader of the village, the nobles.

The poor girl was absolutely terrified for her life, she didn't know what was going on and all she could do was cry and scream and howl, still trying to get free. She was quickly disciplined by the guards and the daughter of the leader of the village decided that she wanted to keep her and keep her she did. While under the watch of guards she was allowed to be fre only ot entertain the daughter and do what ever she wanted, she was forced to work and dance and 'play' for hours and if she misbehaved she was whipped into shape. The parents used her to entertain guests with her acrobatics and monkey like attitude, she was taught Japanese so that the other noble families could know what she was saying but they only taught her a few of the many words she would need to learn. Her life was hell with the family, they never showed her love, they hardly fed her, she was only a trophy to them, something that intrigued them and made them laugh. Then one day she snapped, she was doing a trick for the family, one that she had yet to master and she failed miserably at it, the daughter got mad and smacked Taiyo causing her to snap, she attacked the daughter that instant and began to tear at her like the savage she was born as, it took five minutes for the nobles to get her off and by the the girls face was torn, bloodied and bruised.

On that day, at the age of 16, Taiyo Pekku was cooked alive in a cauldron for the harm she inflicted on their daughter.

The life before the little girl.

Before the little girl that passed to the Soul Society, there were two loving and caring parents with names no ones knows of, one a Full-bringer and the other a Togabito, both of their appearances are forgotten, lost in time. Her mother(The Togabito) had been living on the land for a long while now, hiding from those who would wish to send her back to hell, her father (The Fullbringer) had been the only one to find her mother and had fallen in love with her the first time he laid eyes on her. At first their relationship was challenging, she was worried about the future and so was he but they managed to make it work and 1 year later the mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl with most of the looks of her father except for her eyes and skin, which both were a mix of her mother and father. The day the baby was born was the day they were hunted down, on that day the 'mercs' found them, the monkey's who were watching really didn't know what was going on, they couldn't see much from as far as they were, they just saw them running form something and watched as they entered a shack and left it before what ever was chasing them caught up.

Endless anger to peace at last.

Taiyo was stuck, she was stuck in the room where they cooked her alive like she was nothing to them, she felt something deep inside her stir, an anger she had never felt before in her life except for the time the girl smacked her. She looked down to find that there was a chain inside of her that was attached to the surrounding area, wrapped ups to the stage where her death was shown in front of all the people in the village, instantly the rage inside of her boiled to primal and she howled out in anger, the howl echoing for miles. She tore up the plat form in her anger and chucked the pieces of wood around the center of the town, striking people with them, she then went back to howling, crying and making all sorts of noises of anguish as she was trapped in the place she never wanted ot be. Sadly nothing happened, the area where she caused the most chaos was ignored and slowly the hole of her chest ate away at itself, the anger that flooded her was slowly taking over, she was going to become a hollow.....then luck found her. On the final day she was found by a Shinigami, she had been sitting there, the hole slowly growing wider when she came into contact with the first Hollow she had ever seen in her life, she watched it inch towards her and then smell her like one would a plate of food.

She screamed at the hollow, the rage had already long consumed her and she was ready to fight this creature that dare disturb her, the hollow just laughed at her and taunted her, not at all intimidated by the small girl that was howling at the creature. Then suddenly it's attention was drawn to something else, the sound of a woman speaking stopped Taiyo from yelling at the hollow, the second she turned her head the hollow also did, then in an instant before Taiyo could even look to her side, the hollow was cut clean in half and dissolved into nothing. The monkey girls eye widened and she cried out as she backed away from the dissolved hollow, fear now flooding her for the first time in the two years she had been dead. Then suddenly the woman was infront of her, Taiyo would be lying if she said she didn't feel terror as the woman inched closer to her, then suddenly she heard the words "I'm glad i was able to save you in time." before she felt the hilt of a blade against her forehead and suddenly peace flooded her body.

Taiyo later awoke in the Soul Society, her wide eyes scanned the surrounding area as she tried to understand what just happened, she felt like a newborn, she was weak and slowly but surely she stood up only to fall.

So this is the afterlife? Thought it would be more…..impressive.

Taiyo opened her eyes again and found herself in a simple home, it smelt of burning sage and peace….if peace had a smell of course. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, looking around at her surroundings, it was a pretty simple room, nothing really furnished it and it wasn’t really that impressive. She rubbed her eyes and stood up slowly, she wanted to know where she was, she was having trouble remembering exactly what had happened to her and where she was. The monkey girl then suddenly began to panic, she realized she was somewhere strange and that scared her and her natural instincts took over. She began to howl like a panicked monkey, she threw the few things in the room around and tried to find an exit to find that it was locked. Then suddenly the door opened and a woman rushed in, the scared and confused monkey girl was ready to attack but was quickly brought down by the woman, it was obvious that the woman wasn’t putting any effort into actually holding Taiyo, who was still pretty weak.

Once Taiyo calmed down she got a pretty standard welcome to her new home, the soul society, she was shocked that she was dead...she never expected her life to end that quickly. The monkey wanted to cry, she wanted the break down, but she couldn something inside her forced her to not show any sadness. “Remain happy, Taiyo.” it had said “There is always some light at the end of a dark tunnel.” Taiyo had to listen to her conscious, she looked to the woman and said the few words she knew, she didn’t even know what she was saying, the few words she had been taught were “Hello” “I am monkey” “I am stupid” “I can do all you wish” and “My owners are great people.” she sounded fairly robotic with her minimal knowledge on language so the first thing that was going to happen was she was going to learn to speak.

It took Taiyo a full year to learn how to speak the japanese language fluently, her new ‘Parent’ then taught her how to speak other languages of people that lived in the society. Once she had some knowledge of the language she finally got to go out with her mother to explore, now she knew the language of other people but she was obviously not like a regular person, she still walked like a monkey, she behaved like one and she was quite agile like one, she spent most of her time on her mothers back, occasionally stealing stuff from people passing by, though she didn know the exact area she was in, she knew that most people here didn have much items on them, everyone here seemed sort of poor in a way. From her mothers back she watch kids steal from booths, adults chasing after children who had stolen from them, even the adults seemed to be stealing. No one came near her mother though, whenever someone did she would scream at them and alarm her mother to the presence.

You have so much potential.

Taiyo lived quite the normal life life with her mother, she was taught what she could be taught about language, math, history, other people and how to behave. She was actually an extremely quick learner, it took her no time at all to learn stuff that it would normally take other people years to learn. She learnt a lot about multiple things that people normally didn learn in the living world, she learned about the Shinigami, Hollows, Spirit Energy, The Seritei and Hell. Out of everything she learnt about, hell was by far the coolest! She found out so much about it, how bad people went there and that there were these sort of jail keepers that would eat the bad people and that there was levels and ruler and all this weird stuff. She actually asked her mother if some day they could visit hell which she responded with a stern “Hell is not a place you should want to visit, dear Taiyo.” it was still weird for her to be called Taiyo so most of the time she would act like she didn’t know who she was talking to, but she understood completely.

Now, Taiyo was always a very talented girl, just being as natural agile and active as she was, was already a great feature. But, the power hidden within the monkey was greater than some simple tricks, unlike her mother who didn’t have to eat much, she had to eat a lot, she was always hungry. She also had an obvious spiritual pressure that wasn’t too great but her mother would sometimes feel fairly weak around her daughter.  It was about 15 years from her death when she was able to manifest some of her energy into an orb, she had saw some kid doing it and decided to try copying her, to her surprise she made the orb. She showed her mother who was extremely surprised, she had never even discussed manifesting her spiritual energy like this to her child. Her mother kept the power of her daughter in mind for she knew someone would soon be coming for her if her power continued to grow and it sure did.

The Academy

It never surprised her foster mother when one day a powerful looking shinigami came to the Pekku residence, Miss.Pekku had been awaiting this day and was mentally prepared to let her daughter go. Taiyo was currently asleep in a hammock up stairs, she couldn't sleep in a normal bed so her mother had to make a hammock for her. The Shinigami and her mother discussed a lot of things with eachother, her mother had to tell the Shinigami about most of what she learnt about Taiyo, she knew she had very monkey like behaviors and was very different from the other children, she had a diet of fruits of all sorts and hated meat and she could only sleep in hammocks. Other than those few things she was a quick learner, she listended well if you intrested her and she always had a happy attitude. Of course this info would seem useless to some, but the shinigami acted intrigued and whether they actually were is still unknown. On that day Taiyo was given time to prepare before she was sent off to the Shinigami Academy to become a soul reaper!

Taiyo's first few days in the academy wasn't really what she wished it would be like, she had to pick her Asauchi out like every other student that was enrolled, this really uninterested her, she didn't like swords, they were pretty but did extremely ugly deeds, she just picked up a random katana and decided that she would use this to train with, so train she did and fail she did, she was awful with using the blade of the katana and had to rely on using hte but of the katana to do any damage because whenever she swung the blade it would never be on point. This would frustrate the monkey girl and cause her to go ape shit on training dummy's, which made the other students laugh at her monkey like behaviors...this led to a lot of bullying. At first the bully's was small, the occasional bunch of banana's on her desk that she would of course eat cause she loved banana's, then they got a bit more cruel, pinning a fake tail to her rear, tossing dog fur onto her to simulate monkey fur, whenever she walked by they would make fairly offensive monkey noises and of course a lot of questions about whether she threw her poop or not.

Her life in the academy was a mixture of her struggle with the other students and the struggle with her Asauchi, she was having trouble everywhere really. She tried her hardest to work on her Zanpakuto and soon enough she finally was able to have her Zanpakuto release itself. She was filled with such joy until she realized it still was just a sword, she sighed out loudly and faceplanted, it took her 10 years to get this thing going and though she was quick in learning a lot of things in the Academy, she still wasn't good at using a sword, she was still clumsy with it and continued to go into an ape rage whenever she failed. She had learnt alot of things in her time there, she was able to effectively communicate with her Zapakuto through the use of Jinzen, she had no name for the creature so she referred to him as "Brother" cause he was a monkey like her, the monkey actually seemed satisfied with this and treated her like a brother would treat a sister, rude and mean with a side of passion for her, they would constantly fight whenever she entered the realm, it was their way of making sure who was dominant, like normal monkey's they had to fight for dominance in this two member bunch.

Taiyo was slowly showing obvious improvements with her Zanpakuto, after a session with "Brother" she would always be ready to take on the world, soon enough the bond with her "Brother" grew to extreme proportions, she couldn't weild a sword at all but something inside her made it easy for her to use her Zanpakuto and soon enough she was above average with her weapon even though it wasn't a weapon she was comfortable with, soon enough she passed through the academy with ease and was admitted to squad 11, which was an obvious bad choice seeing as she had a history of being bullied by people who thought of themselves as powerful and above her, but her being put into 11 was no mistake.

With pain comes progress. 100 years after birth

Taiyo's life in squad 11 was hell, she wasn't stronger or as strong as any of the other people there, while she was indeed good with using her sword she was not on the level of anyone in the squad, she could manage her own against one of them but there was usually a group picking on her. She of course tried to play it cool, laugh with them instead of cry like she wanted to or attack like she wanted to. She was so focused on trying to stay stable during her time in 11 she hardly had time to train anymore, her progress came to a halt and soon her life became a struggle. She did her best to speak with her brother but she was having trouble focusing, many years went by and she continued to struggle until one fateful day she striked back, all the anger inside her finally broke free and she punched on of the dicks right in his nose, her fell to the ground and held his nose in pain while the surrounding people backed off in surprise. Then they all attacked her, she was easily brought dwon by the forces of the people, they then began to wail on her and she felt as if she was going to be beaten to death.

As she was struggling beneath the mass of the group she heard the voice of her "brother" echoing from her Zanpakuto, she called out for his help and he responded with "Monki Poru" or was it her? She never knew, all she knew was that suddenly all of the boys were off of her now and she was standing a distance away with her Zanpakuto in hand, no....it wasn't her Zanpakuto anymore, it was a pole of sorts, her eyes widened when she looked at it, she spun around the pole a bit and made some pokes at the air which caused the pole to extend. She then grinned an evil, hateful grin before she proceeded the mercilessly wail on the boys as they tried to defend themselves with their weapons. Once she was done she placed her pole on her back and sighed heavily before she took all of the people that were jerks to her and hung them by their undergarments from a nearby building.

Show your potential to the world

There was only growing from their for Taiyo, she was improving more than she had ever improved in her entire time at the academy, her fighting skills were improving and she was already insanely strong with her pole. Anyone who challenged her usually went home with bruises all over their bodies, she was vicious in battle but outside of it she was such a ncie person, she had gotten into the habit of pranking the people that were rude to her and their lives became what her life used to be, fear of the pranks that were instore for them.  Taiyo had gotten extremely used to her Shikai, infact it never left it's Shikai form, it was forever stuck as a pole and this was all right with the monkey girl. She began to train and practice more with her "Brother" now that she had time and she learnt that she was able to do so much more than just hit people with a pole, she could make fairly vivid illusions, she could form a platform for her to ride upon and she could even change how she looked and her voice, she could make a single clone of herself as well. Another thing she found out about her shikai is the fact that a tail had formed on her rear when she first activated her shikai, it acted like a real tail and felt like one, it was as strong as her arms and soft like her hair.

Taiyo never understood why a tail formed on her rear, she just assumed that it had something to do with her nature and the nature of her Shikai so she never really questioned the tail. Anyways, slowly the girl rose from a simple member of the squad to the 8th seat of squad 11, knowing their habits she kept her illusion powers hidden away until one day she was tired of it and just decided to leave Squad 11 without any hesitation. She put in a request and once it was accepted she moved her monkey ass to Squad 9, there she started from the bottom and continued to try and work up again, still pranking and having fun as she rose without any stress in her work, of course she wasn't looking to be a lieutenant or a captain, she just wanted to show everyone that she was strong.

Taiyo was sent on many missions and none of them really seemed to challenge her a lot, so rising seemed to be the only way she could prove herself. Then one day she finally got a mission that would challenge everything that she was, one that would actually force her to fight for someone other than herself, though at first it started as a simple elimination mission of a hollow that was causing problems in a small town.

Risking one life for another. 200 years after birth

Taiyo's mission started her off in a simple small town, there were a lot of simple houses surrounding her and the town seemed extremely boring to her. She was ready to face anything that came at her, with her staff spinning in her hand she floated around the town on a cloud like platform, searching for the hollow or any spirits that may be in hiding. As she flew around the town she realized just how dead this town seemed to be, all the windows were shattered, all the houses were either torn into by some force or caved in on themselves and everything was all over the place. There was no one to be seen and Taiyo was beginning to believe that the Hollow had already left, then she heard what sounded like crying from a nearby house. She floated down into the house and found a small girl who was cowering in the corner of what seemed to be her bedroom, everything was destroyed and they looked terrified. Taiyo crouched in front of the child to examine them closer, she tilted her head a bit and the child quickly backed further away from her, when Taiyo inched closer she moved further away in fear. Realizing the child could see her she smiled at the child and backed up a bit, offering her hand to her. The child was hesitant at first but when a tremor shook the entire house she quickly grabbed Taiyo's hand, a lot of questions were asked as they exited the house, the child was being terrorized by a hollow and Taiyo could tell she had a decent amount of Reiatsu. More questions were asked followed by more answers, her parents had been slaughtered by the hollow that was currently chasing them.

Taiyo was running quickly but soon she realized the girl wasn't with her anymore but laying on the ground behind her, only then did she notice somethingm ore than just high Reiatsu, the poor girls leg had been torn apart, she was lucky to have kept up with Taiyo for so long. Taiyo quickly rushed over to the girl and picked her up before jumping back in time to just narrowly avoid the hollow. The thing was obviously strong, stronger than any hollow she had eevr faced before, Taiyo held the girl close to her chest and stared at the creature. It didn't do the same hollow talk that most sentient hollows could do, saying how she wasn't the first shinigami to try and kill it, instead it just stared at her with a burning hatred, within it's eyes there was something deeper than just a hatred for shinigami, it was a hatred for Taiyo. She was unsure if the beast knew of this hatred but Taiyo sure could sense it and was fairly confused, this was a hatred that she knew was only reserved for people who have done you wrong. Taiyo quickly readied her weapon to fight this creature and then suddenly it vanished, before she knew it the thing was behind her and had managed to sink it's claws into her back. Taiyo cried out in pain and turned to hit the hollow only to have it vanish once again, realizing that carrying someone was holding her back she placed the girl on the ground and stood over her like a sentry.

Then she heard the first words spoken by the creature "Show us a trick, Monkey girl.~" the words sounded familiar but she had no clue where she had heard them from, she was then met with another attack that she this time managed to block. She couldn't dodge like she wanted to do so all she could do was stand still and keep her guard up as she was slashed at from all over, each slash that connected burnt like the fires of hell. "They thought cooking you alive would satisfy my hate, not killing you is the only way i can move on!" said the hollow as she dove at Taiyo this time though she avoided going straight for Taiyo and instead went for the girl, the hollow was smart, the second she did this Taiyo jumped in the way of the claw and got on straight into her back and through her, her eyes widened and she coughed out a large amount of blood before the claw was pulled out and she fell over onto her side. The Hollow then kicked Taiyo into a nearby house, she cried out in even more pain and her eyes began to go hazy, she watched as the hollow closed in on her, she then watched as the girl began to stand up, the monkey girl sighed out in relief, glad to see that the girl was taking her death as a chance to escape, but then suddenly before Taiyo could say anything the girl jumped onto the hollow and began to punch it in the mask, this didn't harm the hollow at all but it did frustrate it. The hollow knocked the girl off of it and shoved it claws right into her chest, Taiyo screamed out at the girl to move but she was too late. She watched as the girl body writhed in pain, then the brave bugger grabbed the large stabbing claw and broke it off with a howl of pain escaping the hollow as it backed off and the girl passed out.

Taiyo watched the girl do something so brave, she did more damage to this hollow than Taiyo could do, Taiyo realized then that she couldn't afford to let this girl die to such a creature like this. Taiyo slowly planted her pole into the ground and began to slowly stand, as she did she whispered softly to her weapon "MonkiPoru.....help me save this girl." she had said before she charged at the creature, her wounds no longer bothering her as much but still paining her as she ran at the beast. The Hollow quickly stopped complaining about it's loss of a claw and vanished once again to deal the finishing blow but Taiyo quickly spun in time to see the Hollow about to attack and met it's attack with a massive blow from her pole, the hollow was sent flying into the air, quickly Taiyo hopped onto a platform and rode it up faster than the hollow flew up, she then met the hollow yet again with another hit that was like a being hit by 10 trucks from all different directions. This sent the hollow flying back into the earth, with a scream of anger the hollow charged Taiyo again and started to attack with extreme speed and strength, Taiyo countered as many attacks as she could but some still connected. Taiyo had no time for this, she had a life to save and she wasn't going to allow this creature the block her way. She countered one final attack and pressed the end of the pole into the mask of the creature, she then quickly extended her pole and sent the creature flying yet again, rgiht through a building and even farther, she then stopped her pole but the hollow didn't stop and continued to fly right of a cliff.

Taiyo quickly went over to the girl who was out cold, once she was certain she wasn't dead she quickly got to work patching her up as well as she could, once the claw was out and the wound stopped bleeding she picked the child up and went on a search for the nearest village, once she found it she placed the child in a house and hurried off, she hoped she would stay alive....the wounds were bad she could only do so much with the little knowledge of healing she had. Taiyo quickly hurried back to find of the hollow was still alive or not, when she found nothing she just assumed she was dead and returned back ot the soul society to get her fairly serious wounds treated, in fact once she got their she collapsed on herself.

Taiyo, rest up...tomorrow is another day.

Taiyo spent a few weeks in the healing ward, the wounds she had taken from her fight with the hollow was more than jsut a few scratches, she was lucky to still be alive after the damage the thing caused to her. Taiyo was disgusted with herself, she had let such a creature get the better of her and almost kill a small girl, then she wondered, she got stabbed through the back and out the gut but the girl got stabbed in the chest.....how did she not die?  She shook her heard and realized too many strange things have happened to her already. While stuck in the healing ward she went back to training with Monkiporu, it was obvious that Monki was pissed off with her, if Taiyo hadn't decided to just block instead of attack they would of been over with that fight in an instant, but Taiyo countered with the fact that the girl might of died if she didn't take all the hits, they argued and argued as they fought.

As the arguing died down so did the tone in the world, the only sound to be heard now was the clanking of staff against staff, making a peaceful beat as they fought. Then the conversation started up again "You wish to become stronger, Taiyo? On the level of your higher ups?" of course Taiyo nodded and said that was all she wanted, Monki replied with "Then work hard with me, Taiyo Pekku....if you lend me your power i will lend you mine and together we can become unstoppable, if you just believe in me. That fight, was the first time in a long time you have truly asked for my power, I want you to rely on me as much as i rely on you, in every fight." Taiyo agreed and they crossed staffs before backing up and bowing to each other, Monki then bapped Taiyo on the head and spoke one final time "Now get out of here and actually try to get somewhere, if you are not a lieutenant by the age of 416 then i will seriously have to kick your ass, just make sure you don't push yourself Taiyo and work hard."

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

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You are ready, 350 years after birth.

A lot can happen in the span of 150 years, after her scuffle with the first challenge of her life (That wasn't allies) she slowly began to work as hard as she possibly could, she began to slowly but surely master her Shikai and it's powers, she learnt that she could do more than just make simple illusions, she could make clones, she could form walls, tree's, anything that she put her mind to, just none of the bigger creations could actually be touched or cause damage. She learnt that she could easily shrink her weapon down the the size of a hair and put it behind her ear as well as grow it to the size of a tower and use it to get to high places. Many other things were learnt in the 150 years she spent focused only on training, the most important thing she learnt though was the name of her bankai. It all started as a simple sparring match between her and Monki, it was a normal thing for the two of them and they were enjoying themselves, Monki with his usually rough and rude attitude was different today though, her was very silent, in deep thought.

Taiyo stopped fighting and looked to her friend in concern, she had never seen her weapon look like this before, he usually never had to think about what he wanted to say but then finally as she inched closer he spoke "Taiyo, remember when you said you wanted to get stronger, that i will give you my power if you give me yours....well, I think it's time i give you all the power that i can possibly lend you, It is time that i give you my full name....but first, I want you to do something for me..." Monki stepped towards Taiyo and placed his thumb upon her forehead "I want you to beat me, think of this as a fight to the death, no more holding back...if you win i will deem you worthy to know my full name....if you loose, then i will never speak with you again and you shall forever go on without knowing my full name. Tell me Taiyo are you willing to risk loosing the bond we have together to get stronger for your own sake?" Taiyo was torn, she did want to get stronger, she wanted everyone to know she was strong, but she didn't want to loose her only friend. Taiyo then finally decided on it "I will fight you, i will win and you will give me your full name." "So be it, I'll give you one day to prepare and then we shall see if you are truly worthy of wielding me!"

Prove your worth!!

Taiyo spent the entire day after that conversation pumping herself and preparing, she knew she wouldn't be able to hold back against Monki, she didn't want to hurt her spirit too much. She pieced together a plan slowly but surely, smiling as she prepared for the next day, she knew she would win she couldn't not win! Taiyo worked as hard as she possibly could and then she told the Lieutenant of the 9th division that she was going to be gone for a few years, she explained what she planned on doing and nodded in appreciation to the Lieutenant, she hoped that her telling the Lieutenant was alright. She then headed off to the world of the living, their she fround the nearest mountain for her to make her peace, she found a nice cave and made home there. There she entered her soul world and prepared to fight Monkiporu, she would learn his full name! She would! Taiyo entered her inner world that day and the second she entered the test had already begun, Taiyo had expected Monki to wait for her to get a bit prepared but before she knew it she had been hit right in the back by a pole and was sent flying.

Taiyo didn't even have time to recover before she was hit once again but this time she barely managed to block some of the damage with her own pole. Then the fight began, each party traded a series of blows, while Monki was taking this as serious as possibly Taiyo was enjoying herself and smiling the entire time they fought. Each blow she parried, each swing she dodged, each thrust she countered, this was a extremely fun fight and she was having fun. Monki got frustrated with Taiyo and finally decided to not hold back, his blows became to fast and powerful for Taiyo to block in time, Taiyo began to struggle now and decided she had to fight and he wouldn't tire out. She quickly started to match his tempo, she managed many blows on Monki and he managed many blows on her, they were extremely even. It took a day of fighting, neither of them stopped, neither of them beat the other for a day and it would seem that neither would win, Taiyo's entire body was in pain and she knew she was going to go out if she failed even one block. Taiyo then got an idea, she backed up away from Monki and began spinning her pole, playing around with it as if this wasn't a battle, Monki looked even more frustrated at how Taiyo was just playing around so her charged at her, the second Monki got close to Taiyo she jumped over him and quickly slammed the tip of her pole right into his head, extending it and sending him straight through the floor.

Taiyo sat patiently in the temple as Monki slowly made his way back up to it, he still seemed extremely pissed, he never expected Taiyo to use her playful nature to beat him. They both sat in the temple in silence before Monki finally spoke "Well, you won....to be honest i hoped you would." he sat up straight and stared Taiyo in her eyes, his pole planted firmly beside him "It is time you learn my full name." Taiyo waited patiently for Monkiporu to speak and finally he did and blessed her with his full name "Goruden Monkiporu is my full name Taiyo, use this knowledge to grow stronger for yourself and for me." he then kicked Taiyo out of the inner world. There Taiyo nodded and for the first time in her life she activated her Bankai, there she trained for 100 years to completely master her Bankai completely, in those years she learnt many things about herself and her friend, she made a temple in the cave that is similar to the one in her inner world and used that for training.

It would be an honor to work under you. 450 years after birth.

When Taiyo came back she was welcomed with open arms from her comrades in Squad 9, a group of her friends put together a little party to celebrate. Taiyo happily celebrated, she looked around the room and realized a lot had happened, many of her allies were missing, she asked about it and they responded with "There is something happening out in the world so most of squad nine went out to help, the Captain is still here but that is only because she is busy mourning the loss of her lieutenant before she goes out to fight." Taiyo was surprised, she never expected the Lieutenant to die, she was such a powerful fighter and she thought she would become the next Captain of Squad 9, she sighed and went to talk to the Captain, she politely knocked on the door and was allowed in. Once she entered she found the captain bowing her head a shrine dedicated to her Lieutenant, when Taiyo came in she turned to her and smiled wearily at her "It's painful to loose someone you love, no?" Taiyo was probably the only one in the entire squadron that knew of the love that was shared between the captain and her Lieutenant, Taiyo moved to the captain and sat beside her and they talked with eachother for the night.

Taiyo spent that entire night comforting the captain as best she could, making the occasional jokes and telling the occasional story. Taiyo awoke the next morning with the captain hugging into her, she sighed and patted her head, she was probably the only person beside the Lieutenant that treated the Captain as more than just a higher up. "E-em, excuse me Captain ------ can you get up, I have to get to work." though the captain held her in place "Taiyo, do you think you would like to be my next Lieutenant, we have a fight we need to participate in and I need someone to keep me in line." Taiyo of course accepted this and decided she would be the best lieutenant ever! She did all the work she could, she fought along side her Captain whenever she could and worked hard to be strong for her Captain!

Surprise, you're a Captain! 527 years after birth

Taiyo spent the most of her years under the guidance of her superior, she grew along with her captain and followed underneath her like a child following their mother. Though this child was slowly growing above their mother, Taiyo's raw power slowly grew over her Captains, soon enough Taiyo was above her captain in strength, though she never noticed this and still thought of herself as the Lieutenant who was levels below her captain.  Soon enough the Captain of the 9th division decided that taiyo should be the next Captain of Squad 9, Taiyo was 500 years old when she was made the Captain of Squad 9 and the former captain retired to live her life on elsewhere, Taiyo was confused, she enjoyed working under her captain and didn't see herself as captain material, she still pranked people, she still joked constantly and did all sorts of monkey like stuff, but they thought she would be a good captain? She was so confused but she shrugged it off and decided sh would work hard as a captain, though she is still pretty new to the concept after 27 years of being a captain, the paper work, it kills her and all the responsibility.

Rp Sample: Taiyo was out in the living world doing something she had to do every time she went out into the living world, she was visiting her favorite ice cream parlor! The Captain entered the ice cream shop and waved at the owner of the place, she smiled widely at him and her smiled back. It was obvious that she came here normally because that man was already making her some ice cream as she sat down at a pinball machine and began to play the game as she awaited her ice cream. Once it arrived she happily paid the man and began to eat, using her free hand to play as she enjoyed herself She didn't know what she planned on doing for her little 'vacation' but she knew she would be doing something fun! "Carl!!! What do you think i should do today, i'm booooored!~"

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

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I, Rōzuhea Otome, hereby grant you the tier of "Captain". You may now participate in threads and create your techniques. Congratulations and happy role-playing.


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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

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Armed Combat: Expert

Unarmed Combat: Intermediate

Spiritual Combat: Master

Hoho: Expert

Rieatsu Perception: Intermediate

Bakudo: Intermediate

Hado:  Intermediate
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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

Post by Taiyo Pekku on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:05 am

Reworking Shikai and Bankai.

Shikai Appearance: Taiyo's Shikai is constant release, when she first activated her Shikai it wouldn't change back to it's Zanpakuto form so she was forced to carry around the full size Shikai on her back until she learned how to shrink it down to be placed behind her ear. Taiyo's Shikai takes the appearance of a bo staff, it has a fairly simple design compared to some of the other Shikai, it is black on the base of the bo staff and on each side of the black handle there is a monkey carved into it. The image above is wrong when it comes to the ends, the ends don't have those little heads, instead there are too fairly thick golden bits.

Shikai Ability: Taiyo's shikai ability revolves entirely around her ability to control the mind of not only herself but the people around her. The array of abilities that her shikai can preform are limitless, only limited by her own imagination and brain power. Now the special thing about her illusions is the fact that they are not illusions, they are physical manifestations of her shikai, they feel, smell and act like the item they are, you can touch these illusions and they can touch you, the only thing different from the actual item is if hit hard enough they will be destroyed. Now i say they, but this doesn't just pertain to her clones, she can make boxes appear out of thin air, a juke box, piano, bathtub, ruber ducky and many more. The only draw back is her mind, if too many things are created there is a chance of Taiyo frying her mind, the first sign being blood leaking from her nose and eyes. If she pushes herself to hard while in shikai and summons too much for her head to handle, she will fry out and either die or if lucky go into a coma. Back to the illusions, Taiyo does not have to physically be touching her staff to create these illusions, for the staff is not the actual shikai, no, Taiyo's clothes are her shikai, the staff is simply a sort of outlet that allows moderation of her power and a weapon for her to defend herself. If broken, her powers will not be stopped but the risk of death or a coma grows in height and simple things will potentially destroy her if she either makes them too heavy or summons too many of them, like 10 trucks will probably cause her serious strain to keep up.

Bankai Name: Monkiporu Burēka
Bankai Appearance: Monkiporu Bureka as it is called takes the form of a bright gold outfit that replaces her normal spandex, it covers her entire body in a very silky and extravagant outfit that hugs tightly to her body but not as tight as her original outfit, it covers all of her skin up except for her thighs, feet, hands and the middle of her torso, the opening in the torso of the outfit being a wide circle that shows off a small portion of bust. The only thing that isn't part of the body outfit that appears is a bright gold crown that forms on her head. Now for physical changes to her body, there are three major things, first off her eyes become pure gold in color, as if her pupils became gold and expanded out to fill up her entire eyeball. Finally a very powerful golden aura forms around both of her arms that take the form of two very large hands, it is as thick as soup and seems to always be pulsing.

Bankai Ability: When activated Taiyo can permanetly create any of the objects she normally could only keep up for a small amount of time, these things are indestructible. The draw back of this being that she can only make one of these permanent objects once every 20 years. But, on the flip side her limits are vast and she can make organic and inorganic objects quite easily when activated, the longer she focuses on said object the stronger it get's and the more thought she puts into it the more attributes it gets. Another limit is the object cannot exceed her in power, living things follow this rule x4, so if she were to make a Shinigami they would be on the level of someone just entering the soul society, but in exchange for her power they get immortality and are neigh indestructible.

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

Post by Human Hollow on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:56 pm

As for the updated Shikai, I do have some minor issues. Firstly, a Zanpakuto is always "almost weightless" for their wielders, regardless of its actual weight. On Damnation, this is extended to the powers/weapons of the other Races as well. Secondly, are these illusions actual things, or does damaging them cause them to disappear? If they are like Shadow Clones from Naruto, then they're acceptable: solid, but only to a point. Lastly, while your Shikai cannot be "yourself," because that would make it a Fullbring, it can be a clad-type Shikai. This means Taiyo's outfit is her Shikai, as well as her weapon. Think of Ichigo's Shikai/Bankai. Plus side of this, Taiyo would not be required to wear Shinigami Uniforms due to her Shikai being a clad-type.

As for the new Bankai, as a drawback to using the full capacity of her mind and not being limited, after the ten minutes, I would want her to fall unconscious unless another Admin disagrees.

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

Post by Human Hollow on Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:53 pm

Well, after reviewing your application again, I can give Taiyo a rank of Captain. You know the drill love.

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:13 pm

OK, I don't always do this, but I'm gonna come in and counteract Sabiruchi. Your bankai is a LITTLE on the OP side since you don't actually have any limits as to what you can or cannot make.

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:57 pm

OK, your new Bankai is approved.

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Re: Taiyo Pekku, Captain of the Second Division.

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