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To be named(WIP)

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To be named(WIP)

Post by Anxo Serafim on Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:54 pm

The Basics

Name: Your character's name. Shinigami have Japanese themes, Quincy have German themes, Arrancar/Hollows have Spanish, and Togabito/Humans/Fullbringers have no particular theme. Your character does not need to follow this theme.
English Translation: For non-english names.
Species: What is your Species? Are you Human, Giant, Werewolf, Vastine Amorte? Or are you something new all together?
Race: What Race is your character? Quincy, Shinigami, Fullbringer, Hollow, Arrancar, or Togabito?
Gender: What is your biological gender, and what gender you align yourself.
Date of Birth: Month, day and preferably year of which you were born.
Date of Death: (For non-living Hollows/Arrancars/Togabito only. If not a Hollow/Arrancar/Togabito, delete this line.)
Appearance Age: How old does your character physically look?
Actual Age: How old is your character in reality?
Organization and Rank: Does your character belong to an organization, such as Shinigami's Gotei Thirteen or The Arrancar Army? Perhaps they belong to some other organization?

Height: How tall is your character?
Weight: How much does your character weigh?
Hair color: What color is their hair?
Eye color: What color are their eyes? Are they both the same, or are they different?
General Appearance: Describe what your character physically looks like. Things to include but are not limited to are- Clothing, skin/hair/eye color, scars/tattoos and anything unique to them.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: These are things about your character's personality that make them better liked or at least appreciated by those around them. All characters should have at least two traits that are positive. Each trait should be a sentance or more long.
Negative Qualities: All people have parts of their personality that people just do not like. What are these annoying, or sometimes downright evil, traits? Please use at least two negative traits.
Likes: What does your character like? Please have at least three.
Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Please have at least three.
Personal Habits: Optional. Does your character have any particular habits, whether on the battle-field or off?
Goals: These are both optional.
Short-term Goals: Short-term goals can be completed in less than one to five years.
Long-term Goals: These are goals in excess of five years to achieve.
General Personality: Describe the character's personality. Are they kind, aggressive, a compulsive liar? Three to five sentences mininum.
Something Special: Optional. Something special does not fall into any of the above sections. This would be entirely unique, that sets them apart completely. An example would be unique implants that affect their vision or an extremely sensative sense of smell.

The Power
(The following sections are divided into race. Delete what does not apply to your race, and this line.)

Fullbring Name: What is your Fullbring called?
Fullbring Name English Translation: If not in English, what does it mean?

Item of Affinity: What is the object required to use your Fullbring? Provide five to six sentances describing it briefly.
Release Phrase: What phrase do you use to release the Fullbring?

Fullbring Appearance: What is the initial appearance of your Fullbring?
Fullbring Ability: What is the initial ability of your Fullbring?

Second level Fullbring Appearance: What does the full-powered version of your Fullbring look like?
Second level Fullbring Ability: What is the full-powered ability of your Fullbring?

Mekkakyu Name: What is the name of your Mekkyaku?
Mekkakyu Name English Translation: What does the name mean in English?

Mekkakyu Appearance: What does your Quincy Cross look like? What manifests your spirit weapon??

Spirit Weapon Appearance: What does your Spirit Weapon look like?
Spirit Weapon Ability: What ability does your Spirit Weapon have?

Letzt Stil Name: What is the name?
Letzt Stil Appearance: What is the form of your Letzt Stil? Describe it.

Vollstandig Name: What is it called?
Vollstandig Appearance: What form does your Vollstandig take? Describe it.
Vollstandig Ability: What ability does this give you or use?

Zanpakutō Name: What is your weapon called?
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Translate into English if neccisary

Sealed Zanpakutō: What does the weapon look like in the Sealed State?
Release Phrase: What phrase must be spoken to activate Shikai?

Shikai Appearance: What does Shikai look like?
Shikai Ability: What does your Shikai do? If anything.

Bankai Name: What is the name of your Bankai? Filling out this area does not guarentee the ability to use Bankai.
Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Ability: What ability or boost does Bankai give you?

Hollow Type: What type of Hollow are you? Basic, Huge, Menos Grande, Adjuchas or Vasto Lorde.
Hollow Ability Name: What is the name of your power?
Hollow Ability: What does this power do?

Zanpakutō Name: What is your weapon called?
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Translate to English if nessisary

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Describe the sealed sword's appearance.
Release Phrase: What phrase do you need to say to activate Reserrccion?

Resurreccion Appearance: Describe the physical appearance.
Resurreccion Ability: What ability does Reserreccion grant you?

Segunda Epta Appearance: Describe the physical appearance.
Segunda Epta Ability: What enhancements does Segunda Epta grant you?

Zanpakutō Name: What is the name of your weapon?
Zanpakutō Name English Translation: What is the name in English?

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Describe the Sealed form.
Release Phrase: What do you need to say to activate Shikai?

Shikai Appearance: Physical description of Shikai.
Shikai Ability: What is the ability, if any, or your Shikai?

Bankai Name: What is the name of your Bankai?
Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Ability: What ability does this give you?

Former Race: What race were you before going to Hell?
Previous Ability Name: What was your former ability called? If none, please delete this line.
Previous Ability Appearance: Describe what it did. If none, please delete this line.

Hell Power Name: What is the name of your new ability?
Hell Power Appearance: Describe what it looks like
Hell Power Ability: Describe what it does

The Spirit
(This section only applies to Shinigami and Vaizards. If neither, please delete this section.)

Spirit Appearance: Describe the physical appearance of your Spirit.
Spirit Personality: To any degree of detail, describe the Spirit's personality using a similar format as used for your character.
Inner World: Describe the landscape of your Inner World.

The Demon
(This section only applies to Vaizards. If not a Vaizard, please delete this section.)

Inner Hollow Name: This should be the same as your Zanpakutō Spirit's name.
Inner Hollow Appearance: After becoming a Vaizard, does your Spirit's physical appearance change?
Mask Appearance: Describe your Mask.
Hollow Form Appearance: Describe what your full-Hollow form looks like.

The Past
History: Cover everything. If your character has lived hundreds of years, we expect hundreds of years of history. If it is mentioned in the above sections, describe it in the history of how it came to be.

Roleplaying Sample: Optional. Must be used for any position of authority or high rank. It must be done for the character you are applying for.

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