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Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

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Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

Post by Osamu Shimazu on Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:11 am

Squad Two
General of Divine Geometry

Osamu Shimazu, Reclaimer and Assassin

Name: Osamu Shimazu
Age: 200 Years
Family: Shimazu, Seireitei Nobility
Position: Main Family, Next-in-Line
Occupation: Gotei Shinigami
Assigned Division: Nibantai, Second Division
Assigned Position: Captain, Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 177lbs
Eye Color: A dull, gleamless steel blue.
Hair Color: Inky black.

Clothing: Osamu dons the standard garb of the Shinigami, the shihakushō. A white shitagi beneath a black kosode and hakama, complete with a white obi sash. Beneath his standard issue shihakushō, the skin tight reiatsu suppressant garmets of the Onmitsukidō, while overtop is his captain's haori, short sleeved with a deep violet interior. Fitted snugly in his sash, the pallid black sheath of his inherited, cursed zanpakutō.
General Appearance: Exceptionally tall and uncomfortably gaunt, the captain of the second division emanates an aura of murderous intent. Steel blue eyes flick to and fro, taking in every last bit of information possible before settling on something else. A cold, hard face sporting tightly pursed lips express his level of dedication and service to the Gotei. Straight, polished teeth with exceptionally pronounced cuspids flash sarcastic, demeaning, and condescending smiles regularly throughout the day. Narrow shoulders falsely imply the lack of physical strength and long, slender arms sport thin, nimble fingers which make quick work of whatever task they're put up to, be it weaving the energies of the demon arts or ringing the neck of an adversary.

Positive Traits: Loyal, serious, authoritative, practical, confident, and mindful of the future.
Negative Traits: Calloused, sharp, impatient, merciless, arrogant, and prideful.
Fears: Above all else, he fears his zanpakutō. A close second, he fears the stagnation of the nobility. Beyond his knowledge, though, he fears for the legitimacy of the noble concept in Soul Society.
Goals: He must be the first in clan history to master the nameless zanpakutō. Secondarily, the prosperity and honor of the onmitsukidō must reach its historical peak.

General Personality: It's not surprising that Osamu operates with such intensity and relentlessness, after all, he is the leader of Soul Society's assassins. Due in part to such a powerful position as well as his cursed sword, Osamu is a very cold and calloused individual. He's plagued with an unpleasant particularity about him in that things must operate as smoothly as possible else an undeniable and palpable stress sets in. Where Osamu is concerned, showing mercy is an unaffordable weakness. All enemies of the Soul Society and Shinigami must perish, and a strict order must be set in to govern those they protect. Being a member of the Shinigami aristocracy, he's got a certain amount of discontent for those of a lower social standing, though he does his best to hide it. The mission of his division and his pledge to the Gotei are his only focuses, and he'll let nothing stop him from completing his missions.

S P I R I T | P O W E R
Zanpakutō Name: Unknown, nicknamed Andromeda.
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: "Andromeda" takes the physical shape of a featureless three dimensional shadow. Andromeda lacks eyes, a nose, a mouth, muscles, fingernails, and anything else you can think of. Instead, its entire makeup is exactly that of a shadow: body, head, arms, legs, and fingers. Lacking a mouth, Andromeda also lacks a voice and as far as Osamu can discern both from experience and from family records, Andromeda doesn't communicate with their master. All features, attitude and otherwise are all implied and discerned from the "nature" of Andromeda's visit with its master.
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Eternally silent and malice without equal. To set eyes upon Andromeda is to stare into a void of absolute emptiness. His movements lack any kind of hesitation, only malevolent intent. To feel the gaze of Andromeda settle upon you shakes you to your very core. By nature and design, Andromeda will drive you mad.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance : Andromeda's sealed state takes the form of a standard, lucid-black sheathed katana with a circular tsuba. The hilt, just over a foot in length, is wrapped in deep purple silk, a wonderful compliment to the inky black scabbard. The blade's length measures three and one third feet in length and is curved at the most efficient and deadly angle imaginable.
Shikai Appearance: Upon the release of Andromeda, (which the blade is simply released by the command "Impose" as the name of the blade is unknown; not "Impose, Andromeda") the blade itself is the only thing that changes, and even so, not so drastically. A cosmic aura falls over the blade, galactic purples, reds, and whites while the blade itself turns pitch black with faint purple outline. The weapon itself looks to have been crafted from our mind's very perception of the cosmos itself.
Shikai Ability: On a small scale, Andromeda affects local gravity. This is best represented by its two key abilities, the first of which increases the speed of ordinary attacks with the weapon disproportional to the force applied in the swing. This is achieved by the intense gravitational distortion caused by the blade, causing "time" to speed up within mere centimeters of the blade, slicing through the air in what we would call faster motions. The second ability afforded by this manipulation of local gravity is to pull everything within twenty feet of the blade in towards it, confining opponents to melee range unless their skills trump his own. All opponents caught within this area of effect have a disadvantage with the speeds of their attacks, a result of the intense local gravity, unless their strength trumps his own.

Timeline: 1816, born.
1826, private Shinigami training begins.
1827, sleep paralysis begins.
1827, Osamu is passed on the nameless blade.
1829, Andromeda's release is discovered.
1830, Osamu graduates private training and is assigned to the Second Division.
1850, Osamu earns the rank of Lieutenant under his father, Katsu Shimazu.
1900, Osamu begins studying witchcraft and the power of geometry.
1926, the effects of his inherited blade begin to show.
1930, Osamu gains interdivisional recognition for his service to the Gotei.
1931, Osamu challenges his father for Captaincy of the Second Division. He kills his father and succeeds him as Captain of the Second.
2016, the Arrancar invasion of Soul Society commences.

Historic Summary: Born Osamu Shimazu to the noble Shimazu bloodline, Osamu had the bragging rights of direct blood relation to the Queen of Soul Society just like the rest of his noble brethren. On top of such bragging rights, he'd also benefited from certain benefits, such as private Shinigami tutelage which began at the age of ten. As a noble, he got to skip learning in the Shinigami Academy in lieu of the superior training of private tutors. From the ripe age of ten he trained in the ways of the sword, fist, body and mind, vital skills of the Shinigami he would one day be part of. However, the newfound stress of his trainings seemed to deliver unto him a frightful occurrence: sleep paralysis. He'd kept the condition to himself for quite some time, but the frightening effects could only be kept to himself for so long.

Before long, he'd told his parents of these scary and trying occurrences. As it were, Osamu was the first in several generations to be afflicted with what the Shimazu coined the, "Shimazu curse." Within clan history there exist a set of sibling blades which choose their masters through the onset of certain medical or mental conditions. Andromeda, the cosmic blade of Shimazu antiquity, called out to Osamu, reaching his mind via the sleep paralysis that so constantly plagued him. And so, unlike the vast majority of Shinigami who obtained a blade unique to them, Osamu was destined to be paired with a blade who had seen countless masters throughout its lifetime, while not a single owner had the blade mastered. And so it was Osamu, too, would be doomed to a Bankai-less weapon, though he would have to make due nonetheless.

The obtaining of the blade seemed to cause the intensity of the sleep paralysis occurrences to drastically increase. Where once he merely remained eternally conscious in his sleep with a terrifying feeling of dread and paranoia, now an individual visited him each night in his dreams. Unable to move, talk, or even close his eyes, he would watch this figure stare at him while he lay motionless. The longer he looked, the more intense the fear would grow. Eventually, this figure would creep closer and closer until it were mere centimeters from his face. These visits grew increasingly more violent, where the figure would eventually go so far as to wrap its black, featureless hands around his very neck and ring the very resistance out of him. Never would he die, though, just tormented. As great as the pain would grow, it was never enough to wake him, and never enough to kill him.

Through research and initiative all his own, he'd discovered this was none other than the spirit of the blade. According to family records, this was its only method of communication with its owner and they would have to pay close attention to details within these dreams to discern the release phrase for the blade. Armed with this new knowledge, it wasn't very long before Andromeda's Shikai was obtained and eventually mastered. With the mastery of the Shikai, Osamu was awarded with graduation from his private lessons and admittance into the Second Division, under command of his very own father, Katsu Shimazi, who was serving a hundred and twenty year service to the Second at Osamu's admittance in 1830.

From there, the trainings of the Second were top priority. With divisionmates, he would cross blades and brutalize, working on his armed and umarmed combat with an unnatural focus given to the speed of his attacks all in an effort to become an effective and valued assassin. Within the belt of a Shinigami assassin would undoubtedly be the Shinigami's demon arts, both offensive and defensive. Much care went into the studying of such arts, more care than the art of the sword, perhaps, as the idea of the Shinigami magic intrigued Osamu beyond words. And so it was that upon his ascension to Lieutenant under his own father, the ideas of witchcraft and their associated sigils of geometry caught his eye. From the year 1900 forward, the principals and powers behind witchcraft and the natural focusing energies of geometry became Osamu's main study of interest in a bold attempt to empower his demon magic with the forces of nature itself.

By 1926, the burden of incessant sleep paralysis episodes reached its peak. Subliminal messages came through his dreams each night, imparting Osamu with the thought of replacing his own father as Captain of the Second. His mind was effectively warped by his sword's spirit, imparting in him an impatience festered with murderous intent. His father would step down or be killed, for the Second only had room enough for one of them. With the principals of Divine Geometry backing him and this unnatural and evil blade at his side, his father never stood a chance. Not with Osamu's training. Not with his power.

By 1931, the Second Division is headed by Osamu Shimazu while the Shimazu clan is left headless, Osamu's oldest brother stepping in to fill the vacant slot and to lead their clan. Despite such a cruel act of killing his father, this action is merely ignored by the Shimazu clan out of recognition for Osamu's superiority. However, among the denizens of the Soul Society, the Second Division Captain Osamu Shimazu is cold hearted, evil, and terrible for having done such a thing. And for Osamu's tenure in the Second Division, such a reputation has been endlessly beneficial. With the Arrancar knocking at the door's of Soul Society, it's high time they learned of Osamu's reputation as well.

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Osamu Shimazu

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Re: Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

Post by Osamu Shimazu on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:18 pm

Osamu has trained for many years with his blade, his hard work manifesting in quick, precise swordsmanship.

Relying on his blade and spiritual abilities, his unarmed skill has suffered in training. Somewhat proficient, he manages to hold his position nonetheless.

Relying heavily on his knowledge of the Shinigami's demon arts, spiritual training has been of a particular importance, yielding acceptable and proficient results.

The world around him must be analyzed for all it has to offer, including his opponents. With heightened Reiatsu Perception, their movements are easier to read, and their emotional state quite clear.

Hoho has always been so much more than simple high speed movements; hoho as a skill, the art of movement, Osamu has gotten down. His speed is neigh unreadable among his Shinigami peers, be it natural speed or even his flash steps.

Proficient in the use of Shinigami bindings, Osamu is capable of using binding spells up to sixty-five.

Osamu is able to imbue kido up to the 40s with additional strength through focusing the Reiatsu on his hands into geometric sigils.

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Osamu Shimazu

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Re: Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

Post by Osamu Shimazu on Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:23 pm

I will be posting my techniques here
Osamu Shimazu

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Re: Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

Post by Osamu Shimazu on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:52 pm

Finished my character.
Osamu Shimazu

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Re: Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:03 pm

This character is approved for Captain tier.

Lanying Baozhai

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Re: Osamu Shimazu, Captain of the Second Division

Post by Sponsored content

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