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War Game Minigame

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War Game Minigame

Post by Anxo Serafim on Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:48 am

Bleach Damnation
Three factions locked in perpetual warfare approach the end of war.
Shinigami Power Evolution
Shinigami tend to have abstract powers based around their Zanpakuto.
Sealed- Japanese sword or sword
Shikai- Centered around bladed weapon or sword
Bankai- Centered around a spoil of victory of some sort
Visored- Mask/Improve some quality
Arrancar Power Evolution
Sealed- Any weapon
Resurreccion-Any animal amalgamation/Physical traits only
Espada-Weapon regained/Animalistic costume/Produce something
Segunda Etapa-Energy weapon/Seamless transformation/Natural phenomena
Quincy Power Evolution

Bow- Any weapon including ranged weapons/Energy weapon
Power- Relates to manipulating physical arrangement of Reishi
Sanrei- Relates to manipulating properties of Reishi/ Solid weapon
Vollstandig- Relates to manipulating nature of Reishi/Zeichen Halo and wings
Each faction leader chooses where their own faction will spend a round. Factions in the same areas must fight. Everyone must fight if capable. Each player can choose to challenge an unchallenged person. At any given time, a player may not be outnumbered with a difference more than one. People can fight together or in gauntlets. Those who stayed in the lowest levels of release get first pick. Visored must defeat their allies in a battle if they have any or commit soul suicide. Segunda Etapa always pick a random opponent. Vollstandig must always choose last. Next Faction Leader determined by chain of command.
Any faction without any living players left at the end of a round is kicked out. Last faction alive wins.
Three stats: Power, Endurance, Speed. Level 2 release gives +20, Level 3 release gives +30 more. Level 4 release gives +25 more.
Stamina system: You cannot block, dodge and use ranged attacks forever. Melee attacks, Ranged Attacks, Escapes and Approaches cost 1 stamina. Dodging and Blocking cost 3 Stamina. You regain stamina 2 each turn. Start with 2 Stamina +2 for each level of power. Equal or better does the trick for everything except damage and range changes. Range changes have no comparison unless they are performed while dodging.
Damage system:

Minor wounds are miniscule wounds such as scrapes, blistered skin and stabs which barely break skin. They cause mainly discomfort instead of pose a real issue.
Moderate wounds are standard wounds, such as deep cuts, bad bruises and third degree burns.
Major wounds are things like gashes, broken bones and melting flesh. If struck at a joint, a limb will certainly be severed.
Extreme wounds are infinitely more serious, such as torn, paralyzed limbs and ruptured organs. They have high potential to be fatal in high numbers. Sword strikes can most definitely sever a limb from any point of impact, slicing through it as though it were butter.
Severe wounds, which weren't mentioned, are even more serious than a Major wound. Severe wounds are things like severed limbs, cut throats, damaged major organs. Severe wounds are extremely fatal. Severe wounds also are inflicted as per, "Major wounds," the only difference is the location of the wound.

Every wound counts as half of the next level
Stats given to you determined by character bracket.
Every faction has 1 Level 4 slot, 12 Level 3 slots, 13 Level 2 slots and unlimited Level 1 slots. A spot must be taken by promotion if all of the spots below it are filled. 50, 75, 100, 150 respectively


Weapon Characteristics:
Level 2 Release characteristics:
Level 3 Release characteristics:
Level 4 Release characteristics:


Anyone who wants to join in this tourney feel free to post.

Anxo Serafim
Unseated Officer

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Re: War Game Minigame

Post by Keiichi Moriya on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:36 pm

Name: Varanus Komo
Rank: Arrancar
He also typically wears a three eyed mask.
Personality: A very calm and collected individual, Varanus tends to act towards his enemy with the utmost politeness and fights with the most grace he can.

Level: 4
Power: 75
Endurance: 75
Speed: 75

Weapon Characteristics:
Level 2 Release characteristics: Becomes a large lizard with three bladed tails and a venomous bite. Has a third "eye" which can function to pinpoint and channel reiatsu.
Level 3 Release characteristics: Regains humanoid form, grows a natural third eye and abandons mask. Weapon becomes two serrated blades that drip with venom. Can create a tail out of venom which can grow a weapon at the tip.
Level 4 Release characteristics: Loses all eyes and becomes more lizard-like with a large tail, spines, and scales on places aside from the face and palms. Can freely produce "venom" made of purple reishi/reiatsu(forgot which one does that) which forms into tails that produce weapons from the tips and a handheld blade. No longer uses reiatsu and sight, but simply the positioning of energy and gains heightened touch, hearing, and smelling senses.
(Correct me if I did this wrong, was a bit confused.)
Keiichi Moriya

Species : Human
Race : Vaizard
Age : 18
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Re: War Game Minigame

Post by Anxo Serafim on Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:26 am

Good enough. I'll have something posted up shortly.

Anxo Serafim
Unseated Officer

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Re: War Game Minigame

Post by Sponsored content

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